• Gorazd Guštin

    Gorazd Guštin

    Designer + Developer

  • Jan Macarol

    Jan Macarol

    Social media guy, vlogger, owner at MADE BY INFLUENCERS, owner at CITY MAGAZINE SLOVENIA

  • Davorin Pavlica

    Davorin Pavlica

    Co-fonuder & ex-editor of @zvpl, writer, guitarist of @hishnband, @zrebci & @andropavza, also: husband and father.

  • Ape on the Moon

    Ape on the Moon

    Alex and Phil tweet the very best in contemporary illustration, animation and the people who create it daily: http://apeonthemoon.com

  • Marko


    🦁 engineer

  • Marko Plahuta

    Marko Plahuta

    data visualization & machine learning

  • urska saletinger

    urska saletinger

    Head of Corporate Communications • Abelium • ACE.Trade | Research and Development | 💻 http://abelium.com | I share content here https://aksru.tumblr.com

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